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There are many students that have been in your position before. You’re staring down a school assignment that you just can’t get your mind around. Maybe the subject is too complex. Maybe you aren’t the strongest writer. Maybe you just have too many other issues going on outside of school: work, family, activities, etc. For some reason, you know – just know – that you won’t be able to do a good job on this essay (and that’s even assuming you think you can finish the assignment at all). Instead of wallowing in despair dreading your future failing grade, why not take the easier, smarter route that thousands of other students take every day? Why not just order an essay from the site?

Some students may recoil at that suggestion. Order custom essays from an online company? That’s cheating! That’s plagiarism! That’s dishonest! Woah, now – slow down. First of all, students that order an essay are in no way cheating. Cheating occurs when students blindly copy off of peers, steal others work or otherwise copy from outside sources. Cheating, when it comes to essay writing, is nearly synonymous with plagiarism – which brings us to our next point. If you order a custom essay from, you are never receiving plagiarized work. Plagiarized work is copied, verbatim, from other sources, and we won’t lie – some essay companies will stoop that low., however, has much higher standards than that. Everything we write, from the first word to the last, is completely original. Not a single drop of our writing is plagiarized; it’s all authentic material written entirely from scratch by our best writers – the same way that your essays are! When you order custom essays from, it’s always original and it’s always high quality.

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Lastly, there’s nothing dishonest about ordering an essay form an online company. Students that order custom essays aren’t looking to boost their grade or get out of doing work. They order essays because they have to. Other schoolwork or responsibilities are getting in the way, and they wouldn’t be able to complete the assignment otherwise. Get rid of these awful misconceptions about essay writing services; they’ve been perpetuated by parts of the academic community that don’t understand various students’ needs. If you’re in a bind, you can always order an essay from and save yourself the trauma and discomfort of attempting such a difficult assignment yourself. With our help, you can go from desperate pupil to conquering student in an astoundingly short amount of time.

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