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When informs possible customers about our great service, exceptional writers and outstanding prices, many of them don’t believe us straight away. After all, where’s the proof? We obviously want your service – your patronage means more money in our pockets. How do you know we aren’t stretching the truth to get you on board and buying essays from us? Well, to assure our hesitant and skeptical customers that we really do offer what we promise, we’ve taken this testimony from Ryan in Colorado, United States. Ryan is a relatively new client of ours, and he felt it necessary to share his experience with others.

Ryan: “I’m a freshman at a small college in Colorado, and this isn’t the first time I used an online writing service. There were other times, during high school, where I needed someone to write my paper for me because I didn’t have time myself. I played soccer, ran track, and I was lead percussion in the school band – my afternoons were pretty booked, and it didn’t leave a lot of time for essays and homework. Another company had offered to write my paper for me, and I took them up on it. To be honest, they did what they said they would: they did write my paper. However, I thought it could’ve been better. I asked them if they could change a few things, and that’s where it got ugly. They pretty much ignored me, refused my request when I wanted my money back, and I never went back there again. It took me awhile, after that, to think of asking someone to write my papers again.

“I stumbled across during my freshman year in college. I was taking a science class, a math course, a medieval literature class and another lab during the same semester: my workload was enormous. I needed someone to write my research paper for biology and write my paper for me in the literature course. Math and the lab I could handle; it was the other areas I didn’t have time for (I was still playing soccer and running track, and I’d just taken up guitar lessons). I informed, up front, about what had happened to me the last time I asked an online writing service to write my paper. I didn’t want to get screwed over with another sub-par essay and no explanation or refund for my disappointment. assured me that such a thing would not occur. There customers, the told me, were too valuable; they weren’t going to drive any away on things like that.

“I had spent some time talking to their 24/7 customer support center – asking questions about pricing, billing and so forth – before deciding to let them write my research paper and other assignments. They were able to properly address all of my concerns and seem perfectly genuine. I even specified which writer I wanted working on my paper: a former professor with training in my areas of need. They gave me his contact information and I immediately told him why I needed someone to write my paper. He understood completely, and spent a long time talking to me, getting an idea of what the paper was on. We continued this conversation for a few days, while he composed my essay. Now was the moment of truth: I’d asked him to write my papers, but were they any good? Yes! The biology research paper was flawless, as was the medieval lit paper. I’d never seen such great writing before, or encountered such amazing service. I’ll be coming back again and again for this experience!

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