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At, we get a lot of diverse requests. Students don’t come to us with the same needs; in fact, we have such a large range of customer desires that we’ve developed entire departments to address the ever-growing demands. With multiple proofreading, editing, consulting and writing services available at immediate request, it’s no wonder our customer base just keeps growing! To illuminate the kind of amazing, quality service that encompasses all of our writing services, take a look at Amelia, who enlisted the help of for her college mid-term paper.

Amelia: “I’ve always been kind of an overachiever. I took AP classes in high school and did a boatload of after-school activities on top of my mountains of homework. I loved to learn, but when I entered college I entered a whole new domain. My professors weren’t the friendly, supportive teachers I used to have, and the classes were astronomically harder than I anticipated. For the first time, I felt the pressure from mental stress! I really want to write my college papers by myself. After all, I was the overachiever – I could do anything! The reality, however, was that I just couldn’t write my college papers so that they were ‘up to snuff’ with the rest of my class.

“This is why I initially came to Really, I just wanted some advice. How could I manage my time? How could I write my college papers so that they were on level with my teacher’s expectations? gave me all the information I needed, and even gave me some starter ideas, sentences and paragraphs for my mid-term. With their help, I began crafting a paper that was finally on par with the students around me. I’m far more confident now than I was at the beginning of this year; I expect I’ll be returning to if I ever feel overwhelmed again!”

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