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At, we’re constantly turning skeptics into believers. Many of our customers come to us with wary attitudes. They don’t know whether to trust us – because after all, we’re an online company. Where are our credentials? How can you be assured we won’t scam you or deliver less than what we promise? These were some of the questions that Thomas, a student from Ohio, US, had for us when he first came to Here’s what happened next.

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Thomas: “When I came to, I was immediately trying to figure out how far I should trust them. After all, they were an online company promising to write my paper for me – but how could I be sure? I’d seen friends fall to scam sites similar to this before, and I wasn’t going to let that happen to me. The first thing I did, then, was to question them about everything. How do you expect me to pay? What information do you require? What are your prices? Who do you have working for you – who exactly is going to write my paper for me? I thought I would catch them in a lie – cause them to slip up and give it all away as a scam. The opposite happened. They knew all the answers to my questions, and even gave me more information than I needed.

“Tentatively, I bought a single assignment from them – a request that they write my paper for me for a chemistry assignment. I expected catastrophe – someone hacking into my bank account, stealing my identity, the works. I was ready to call the cops. So it was pretty surprising when, a day later, I received a quick email holding my assignment. Even better, the writing was perfect – the paper was perfect! I finally breathed a sigh of relief. I’ve finally found a company that won’t deceive me or lie to me: I’ve found!

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