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Term papers can be a real buzz-kill during your college semester. It’s one of those papers that almost always gets put on the back burner. With so much time to accomplish it – weeks, usually – many students think they can push it off until a later time. What ends up happening, however, is a disaster. Students entirely forget their term paper assignments and end up turning in rushed, low quality work that could barely manage a passing grade. This isn’t entirely the students’ fault; college is overwhelming, and term papers can easily be lost in the mix. Here’s one example from Antonio at Penn State, who ended up needing a term paper from – and fast.

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Antonio: “At the beginning of my American literature class this year, my teacher assigned a term paper and a due date – and then never mentioned it again. I’m a football player with four other classes besides this one, and my days are pretty full. I decided to wait to start on the paper because of other activities getting in the way. A week ago, my friends and I were talking, and one of them mentioned the term paper. Apparently, it was due in four days! I hadn’t even started!

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“There are no way I could write my term paper in three days – just no way. I didn’t even know if was possible for someone else to write my term paper in that amount of time – it seemed utterly unreal. I had to try, though. So I went to and begged them to write my term paper. Guess what? They did! And they did it quickly, too – I had the paper back a full 24 hours before the due date, just to check it over and make sure I approved. The paper was great: all original and completely flawless. I don’t know how they did it, but thanks - you sure saved me!”

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